Grand Traverse County’s Pilot Bike Share Program Kicks Off

Getting up and moving…during the work day.

The Grand Traverse County Parks and Recreation Department just launched a pilot bike share program on Friday.

Employees can now gear up for summer and stay active.

“Our offices are in several locations throughout the county and some of us, I for instance, go back and forth between here and the Governmental Center a couple of times a day at least,” said Parks and Recreation director Kristine Erickson.

And what better way to get back and forth during the summer months than on a bike.

“We can ride back and forth when we have to go to meetings and things like that and we can also hop on them at lunch time, go run some errands, go to another park, just get out and about,” said Erickson.

Teaming up with Norte, the county now has bikes at different locations for their employees.

“Employees can check out the bikes from one bike rack, ride it from the Civic Center to the Governmental Center to the Commission on Aging,” said program director for Norte, Ben Boyce.

“We received instructions about how we can scan a QR code that will bring us to a Google doc to check it out and so we check it out just like at the library and then we check it back in when we return,” said Erickson.

The pilot program started on Friday and goes through August, during the busy summer months.

“All this corridor is downtown so hopefully it will reduce that traffic congestion downtown,” said Boyce.

“In the summertime, especially for instance during Cherry Festival, it’s hard to get around with all the traffic so this is a more economical way to get around,” said Erickson.

Hopeful their pilot program, will encourage others to join in.

“Traverse City seems like a good place for a bike share program, it’s a manageable size, it’s a beautiful place to ride bikes, there’s way too much traffic so it’s all good reasons to get on a bike,” said Boyce.