Wexford County Vietnam Veterans Honored

Congressman John Moolenaar visited Wexford County Thursday to honor two veterans for their service in the Vietnam War.

One of those veterans received two of the military’s highest honors and he was awarded those medals at the American Legion post in Cadillac on Thursday.

Glen Head served in the United States Army in 1968.

Now, 50 years after his service he’s being recognized for his sacrifice.

In the middle of the Vietnam War Glen Head was on the front lines fighting for our country.

Injured by hostile fire on the battlefield, Head continued to engage the enemy.

“Staying alive. That was always the plan to come home. Certain things you had to do in order to do that. Some were not proud of. I made it. That’s the main thing,” said Head.

Years later the scars remain but our gratitude grows.

Congressman Moolenaar awarded Head with 10 medals including the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star.

But the most meaningful?

“That’s the Combat Infantry Badge. Anyone that’s ever been in combat will tell you that. That’s the one. That’s the most one to be proud of,” said Head.

“We don’t give them the thanks they deserve, especially our Vietnam veterans. When they came they didn’t receive a warm welcome home and so to me it’s very important that we honor all of our veterans whether they are heroes injured in battle, or faithfully carrying out the missions they had day to day,” said Moolenaar.

Vietnam War veteran Lawrence Luhtanen also received recognition awarded with the National Defense Service Medal.

An important honor in an effort to thank and recognize these heroes. Luhtanen says receiving this awards was one of the last things on his bucket list.