8th Grader Organizes Project To Keep The Great Lakes Great

“To see him caring about the lakes and caring about the environment, is super humbling and gives me chills, it’s what it’s all about it,” said Kwin Morris, a science teacher at Cherryland Middle School.

Zander Cabinaw has been working with his teacher, Kwin Morris, on his 8th grade community project.

It will be the Great Lakes Floatila.

A project near and dear to Zander’s heart shows a love for the Great Lakes surrounding us. But it’s also near and dear to Kwin, who paddle boarded 90 miles across Lake Huron as a part of Stand Up For Great Lakes.

That’s where all the proceeds from this weekend’s Floatila will be donated to.

The event will be filled with educational booths, and Zander hopes people leave the Floatila with a better understanding than what they came with.

“I hope people will leave knowing about invasive species and how to further protect themselves from it,” said Zander Cabinaw.

People are encouraged to bring their paddle boards to the Traverse City State Park Beach on Sunday.

The event is from 2-4 p.m. on Sunday.

However, if it rains on Sunday, the rain date will be June 10th.


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