Cadillac Rotary Club Makes Life Saving Donation to Wexford County Sheriff’s Office

Law enforcement is often on the scene of an emergency first.

The Cadillac Rotary Club is making sure the Wexford County Sheriff’s Office is well prepared.

The rotary club donated $4,500 to the Sheriff’s department to buy new critical first aid equipment.

Each patrol car will have rapid response kits with individual first aid kits.

Each deputy will also be required to wear an additional ankle first aid kit.

It’s a donation that could save lives.

“If there’s ever a mass casualty incident, our deputies will be more prepared to render aid if there’s a shooting or any type of mass casualty, they will be able to respond, remove people from the hot zone, the danger area, and also get treated. Our number one goal is to save lives,” said Sheriff Trent Taylor.

The sheriff’s office hopes to have all deputies trained and all first aid kits in patrol cars within the month.