Veterans Run Marathon to Prevent Veteran Suicide

It’s not your typical marathon story.

One veteran and one man enlisted in the National Guard raced in the Bayshore Marathon to bring awareness to veteran suicide.

Dressed head to toe in uniform, they walked 26.2 miles for the veterans who can’t.

The goal?

To raise awareness about veteran suicide with the non-profit organization Mission 22.

Army veteran, Nick Kennawin, says they want to minimize anyone from perishing. “Were here for everybody, we’re in it together. One team, one fight. I think everyone knows someone that’s taken their life or has had hard times and it’s alright to talk,” said Kennawin.

According to Mission 22, 22 veterans are lost to suicide each day.

Tim Fair, who is currently enlisted in the National Guard, wants people to become in engaged in the conversation. “We’re out here to help spread the word and have people just be engaged and see the person in their veteran hat and shake their hand and just be supportive in general. Especially our veterans,” said Fair.

Mission 22 gives alternative therapy to veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder.

“It’s great that they are running for that awareness. We really need to take care of our vets. They’ve put their lives out there for our country and we need to take care of them and make sure they have everything they need,” said marathon runner Rob Jadczak.

As of today, Mission 22 has raised $10,000 and hopes to keep making people aware of veteran suicide.