Munson Healthcare Dialysis Centers Receive 5 Star Ratings From CMS

Two Munson Healthcare Dialysis Centers just received a five star rating, something only 10 percent of facilities in the nation receive.

Going through dialysis can be a grueling process.

Patients have to go multiple days a week for several hours each time.

Facilities like what Munson Healthcare provides, help make the experience positive for patients.

“It’s an ongoing treatment that replaces renal function, the kidney function, so it’s a kidney replacement therapy,” said Dr. Ahmet Sevimli, M.D. medical director for Munson Healthcare Dialysis Center.

That’s where Daniel Muir spends 12 hours a week getting treatments.

At one of three Munson Healthcare Dialysis Centers that recently received the highest rank from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

“In a way it’s kind of fun just to go there because everybody’s cheerful and happy,” said Daniel. “You know, you might want to quit, but who do you quit to? So you make the most out of it.”

And a friendly face isn’t the only thing these centers have; the rating system evaluates the facilities on things like mortality, infections and hospitalizations.

“It’s a team effort and at the end of the day, when you see that there’s a lot of success in those measures and the patients are doing well and they’re happy and their quality of life is good, that gives us a very high level of confidence,” said Dr. Sevimli.

Giving patients like Daniel, a chance to do some of their favorite things.

For Daniel it’s traveling to the U.P., going to civil war reenactments and working around his shop.

“You gotta have something to do, I don’t want to sit and look out the window, that’ll do you in,” said Daniel. “So I do projects here and do repair jobs a normal person wouldn’t touch but I got the time it’s a fun challenge so I just keep at it.”