A High School Student is Using His Past to Start a Food Pantry

A sophomore at Pine River High School is giving back to the community.

He’s beginning a food pantry and teaming up with a local church to make it a reality.

From utilizing a food pantry to starting his own, Alex Wright showed us the food pantry he’s proud to begin.

“I remember a couple odd years ago that I had to use a food pantry because we had tough times. My parents weren’t working but I remember how embarrassed I was to go,” Alex Wright.

Alex Wright is using his hard times to relate to others.

“My mom wasn’t working and my brother had PTSD and she had to look after him. My dad wasn’t working because he broke his leg but we had to use it once every couple months,” says Wright.

Knowing how this helped his life, Alex joined forces with Giving Hope Ministries in Reed City to begin a food pantry.

“I decided to begin a food pantry because I know there’s a lot of people in need around here,” says Wright.

Letting others know this is a private setting.

“I would understand why people would be embarrassed because other people can see them but this gives them a chance to not be noticed by other people,” says Wright.

Alex is only a sophomore in high school but he’s giving life changing support to people enduring a struggle that he understands all too well.

“Bringing it together is one of the things we teach is that everybody is important and everybody should make a difference with their lives and this is an example of Alex doing that,” Dan Turos, pastor.

This food is available for you right inside the church. If you’re interested in donating or utilizing this food pantry call Judy Johnson at 231-884-6481.


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