Marion School Board Meets Again Amid Double Dipping Accusations

The Marion School Board met Thursday night as double dipping accusations swirl around their superintendent and a secretary.

This was the first time the Marion School Board held a regularly scheduled meeting since a 9&10 investigation revealed the allegations last month.

We uncovered documents that show the Office of Retirement Services is asking superintendent Mort Meier and secretary Diana Salisbury to repay more than $145,000.

They say the two were doing what’s called double dipping, collecting their pension along with a salary.

A motion to place Salisbury and Meier on leave and seek their resignation failed at a special meeting last month.

Chad Williams of the Michigan Education association did not hold back while addressing the Marion School Board about the double dipping accusations surrounding Superintendent Mort Meier and secretary Diana Salisbury, and he said this may not be the end of the road.

“The exposure of the double dipping contract and the penalties imposed upon the superintendent and his assistant may not be the end of this sad story. I’m concerned members of this board and superintendent may seek actions to free themselves from the consequences of their actions,” said Williams.

Others said they simply want this ordeal to end

“This has been going on for 10, 12, 15 years, the same group of people all they try to do is destroy our school. I’m tired of it, and all these people that are here are tired of it,” said one community member.

Williams and another community member asked that no school or taxpayer money be used to pay back the money the state says Meier and Salisbury owe. The board did not directly address that or the double dipping accusations aside from this motion that was eventually tabled.

“I want to make a motion that the board make public all documents, including legal opinions from Thrun law firm related to retired administrators working for Marion Public Schools from January 1st 2009 until present. If there’s any documents out there that said this could be done I think we should see them,” said board treasurer Alicia Mitchell.

Meier and Salisbury are both appealing the findings by the state and Meier said he’s optimistic about the outcome.

The next board meeting is set for June 20th.