Gov. Snyder Visits City of Harrison’s Graduation from Project Rising Tide

Governor Snyder stopped by Harrison today for the city graduating the state’s Project Rising Tide.

Project rising tide is a statewide initiative to help different regions reach economic growth.

The city was one of 10 communities to be a part of the inaugural program back in 2015.

Since then, it has helped the city with building their downtown, branding, and bringing new businesses to the area.

“Well this is a great part when you get to the graduation there’s real accomplishment. It’s not just the physical things done. Usually, you can see a real

difference in the pride that people are taking in there community and the excitement for the future,” said Gov. Snyder.

Harrison is the fifth region-out of ten-to graduate from the program.

Grayling is also another community that graduated from the rising tide program.