Fifth Graders are Casting a Line to Learning Outside the Classroom

Fifth graders in Traverse City are making a splash with their latest class lesson by catching their own fish for an aquaponics project.

They raised money to buy the fishing poles and can now take their skills outside the classroom.

The fifth graders from Cherry Knoll Elementary are learning not only classroom lessons from this project but some life lessons as well.

Learning that a little bit of planning and hard work can go a long way.

“We’re fishing at Veronica Valley Park cause we raised money for the fishing poles that were using,” Hannah Grenel, fifth grader.

Casting a line to reel in fresh fish and some fresh new skills. Putting their math and science skills to the test out in the real world.

“We had aquaponics and we got to make a fish tank we put lots of stuff in it we had a pet fish but we didn’t get to do anything with it but here we can get to weigh them and measure them and its more fun,” says Grenel.

They bought the fishing poles themselves after hosting this workout-a-thon a few weeks ago, raising $2,000 and this is the payoff.

“We get to go outside and have fun and go fishing it’s not like were sitting inside just reading a notebook about fish so we actually get to go out and fish,” Dylan Cocklin, fifth grader.

“We’ve worked all year long on fractions so now they’re putting that knowledge to use when they measure down to maybe a quarter of an inch,” Tom Cooper, fifth grader teacher.

Recording stats before releasing the fish back into their pond.

“We’re just weighing and measuring the fish and were going to take that information back to the classroom and make some graphs and charts so it’s really more of a math project,” says Cooper.

The teachers at Cherry Knoll Elementary School continue to take learning outside of the classroom to engage these students even more.


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