Munson Healthcare Sports Clubs Helping Them Practice What They Preach

“This all came about because of one a really passionate employee who loves to ride road bikes,” said Christine Nowak, community health manager at Munson Healthcare.

That employee is Kim Garlington.

“We’ve got a lot of people that we work with that are also into sports, so we figured we should be in the community representing the awesome place we work at,” said Garlington, clinical informaticist at Munson Healthcare.

She created the Munson Healthcare Sports Clubs.

It’s 350 employees practice four different sports together.

“We have softball, running, mountain biking and road biking, it is open to all levels whether you’re new to sport or have a cruiser bike or old shoes different levels of riding and running,” said Garlington.

They pedal through the community representing the place they’re proud to spend a lot of their time at.

“I am so proud to work for Munson and I think several of the employees are and it’s just great to get together, to meet new co-workers and just be proud of where we work,” she said.

Getting together outside of work helps them inside of work.

“When you’re having fun at work together and you have strong bonds and you trust each other and you’re hanging out outside helping each other climb hills, run long miles together, hitting home runs out of the park, at work it just makes it so much more fun together,” explained Garlington.

Each sport practices once or twice per week.

By getting out and being active — Munson Healthcare Sports Clubs help the hospital practice what they preach.

“I’ve worked at Munson for 15 years and I love Munson,” Nowak said. “So bringing all of us together outside of work building resilience helps us provide better care for our patients.”


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