State Theatre In Traverse City Hosts Viewing Party For Royal Wedding

Those in Northern Michigan got to watch the royal wedding on the big screen Saturday at the State Theatre in Traverse City.

“I never miss a royal wedding and I was so entranced and enthused that the State Theatre was having this,” says Mary Beth Lowe, who went to the watch party.

Many, up early Saturday morning, all to watch the royal wedding at the State Theatre.

“It’s a beautiful way to see a wedding and share it with our community and it was quite different than the other royal weddings, it was a beautiful mix of British tradition and American enthusiasm,” says Lowe.

The theater was filled with viewers in their fascinators and hats, all to get into the royal wedding spirit.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to see it on a big screen and be with and audience that was all reacting and stuff, it was a nice way to share the moment,” says Pam Darling, who went to the watch party.

Clapping, laughs and of course “awws” could be heard from the theater.

“I loved it when the little boy who was carrying her veil, he was missing his front teeth and when he saw the church, he was like wide mouth and couldn’t believe it,” says Darling.

Lowe added, “watching Prince Harry interact with his future wife and how happy they were to be together.”

Many say they are grateful to the State Theatre for hosting such a great event.

“I think the message of love and the possibility of what love can do for the world brings us all together and so Traverse City is a place that’s a great community, so we came together to share,” says Lowe.