Hometown Tourist: Sanctuary in Traverse City

The Village at Grand Traverse Commons is well known for its quaint shops, galleries and restaurants and its unique feel throughout.

Hometown Tourist takes us to Sanctuary for a peek a lifestyle boutique that feels just like that.

At Sanctuary, the owner has curated beautiful items and the made the space a warm place to visit.

Fine art lines the halls inside and out at Sanctuary.

It’s a place where you can spend plenty of time marveling at different hand crafted items, and that’s exactly what their mission is.

“We’re known for the jewelry here, for our wood products, turned wood bowls, and serving pieces, and games, and books, and kind of more what you would call a lifestyle boutique,” said Christie Minervini, Owner.

There’s a range of jewelry for differing personalities and great gifts for guys like a mastodon ivory pocketknife, everything here is curated with intention.

“If I can see the fingerprint on it, then it’s really special, and by that I mean it was handcrafted, that it’s made with intention, that it was made with love, that it wasn’t rushed through an assembly process,” said Minervini.

“I want people to feel a like they have never seen many of the things we offer, I travel far and wide to bring in hand crafted goods that are unique and then also, too, that they’re affordable.”

It’s a one stop shop for all the characters in your life, with affordable gifts and pieces that they hope will have nostalgia through the generations.

A visit here is sure to leave you wanting to come back when you’re on a mission for that next unforgettable and charming gift.

“I think those are the items that become next century’s heirlooms or things that get passed down from generation to generation,” said Minervini.

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