“Young Frankenstein” at The Old Town Playhouse

Last chance!

Monstrous entertainment has been performing in Traverse City since the beginning of the month of May.

“Young Frankenstein” at the Old Town Playhouse has it’s last few performances this weekend and next weekend, ending next Saturday, May 26.

Director Lesley Tye and actor Joseph Baumann say the show has been fun for both audiences and theater volunteers.

The story of follows the grandson of the famous Victor Frankenstein as he travels back to Transylvania to discover himself and his ancestry with the help of some interesting characters.

Throughout the show, young Frankenstein tries to push away his family history and move on as he deals with his late grandfather’s estate.

Meanwhile, the characters he meets along the way pull him back into the family past.

But the show would not go on without the work of the Old Town Playhouse volunteers.

Tye says the Playhouse is run by volunteers across Northern Michigan who have a passion for the theater and want to give back to their local communities.

She says that the volunteers are not just producing amateur sets and performances, they are true artists that bring the stories to life on the playhouse stage.

Actors like Joseph Baumann, who stars as young Frankenstein, says the community theater is a part of who he is and without it he feels he would be missing something.

“There would be a part of me that wasn’t being fed, so for me it’s a huge part of who I am. In fact, when I moved to Cadillac one of the things was looking for was community theater,” he says. “It’s too big a part of who I am to not have it be there.”

The Old Town Playhouse is always looking for volunteers who love the theater and have a passion to give back to their communities.

For more information on when the performances are, how to purchase tickets and more, check out Old Town Playhouse’s website here.

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