Traverse City Mom Raises Awareness on Food Allergies

A Traverse City mom is taking on an important project trying to make public areas safer for people with food allergies.

And it comes in the midst of national food allergy awareness week.

According to research, 1 in 13 children have a food allergy.

This local mom is putting up signs at parks to make people aware of the dangers of cross-contamination.

My daughter Brooke has a severe dairy allergy and a lot of times people mistake that for lactose intolerant but it’s completely different

Anything with dairy such as Dorito’s or yogurt can be dangerous to six year old, Brooke Warren.

“All it would take for Brooke is to touch that and touch her eye mouth or nose and she could have a reaction,” Jennifer Warren, Brooke’s mom.

“Some people are my friends and eat dairy and they play with me after they have to wash their hands because they are near me. When I go somewhere and people have some things that I can’t really have I have to just walk away and my mommy brings me some baby wipes,” Brooke Warren, six-year-old.

Showing her and others how important washing hands is.

For example, after eating and hitting the playground.

“So if a child is eating something that has an allergen in it for example ice cream or peanut butter and they have it on their hands and then they go play on the playground equipment without washing their hands then that puts food allergy children at risk,” Jennifer says.

Brooke and her mother are now raising awareness on food cross contamination and prevention.

They started a go-fund-me page and within 24 hours had enough money to buy these signs to place in parks around Traverse City.

“We created a really simple sign which is in the color teal which belong with food allergies,” says Jennifer.

For more information on food allergy awareness week and preventing cross contamination head to the Brave Little Brookie Facebook page.

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