Manton Community Marks One Year Since Green Mill Motel Explosion

It has been one year since the Green Mill Motel explosion in Manton.

The explosion and fire left brothers Brian Adams and Marcus Thomas with severe burns.

Marcus is doing well and Brian continues to receive treatment.

Investigators say their mother caused the explosion by making butane hash oil.

Amanda Skardoutos eventually pleaded no contest to child abuse and arson charges before she was sentenced to between six and ten years in prison back in November.

Michelle Peterson stopped by the still-standing charred remains of the Green Mill Motel Thursday to drop off a bouquet of flowers.

“I just thought it would be a good gesture to remind people that there’s still hope, there’s still hope we have to hold onto that,” said Peterson.

She was one of the first people to offer help to Brian Adams after the explosion. We spoke to him and his father by phone from Detroit.

“I just can’t believe it’s been a year already. I just getting help and getting better,” said Brian. “Worst phone call I could ever got in my life. Life’s been shattered from that phone call, but a lot of positive things happening,” said Robert.

While what happened one year ago is still ingrained in the minds of those who lived through it, it also changed the lives of the first responders who were here that day.

Sgt. Matthew Howell of the Wexford County Sheriff’s Department was one of the first people on scene along with Fire Chief Kelly Whitehead of the Cedar Creek Township Fire Department

“It ranks up there as one of the more difficult scenes that I’ve policed and been involved with, my partner and I both were a little bit affected by it,” said Howell.

“When I first pulled up on scene it was pretty chaotic, we had people that we’re hysterical, they weren’t sure what was going on they had heard an explosion, there was a lot of fire,” said Whithead

A year later, the memory still very fresh, for everyone involved.

“It was the most horrible experience that I have ever witnessed in my life, and the profound affect that it still carries is unimaginable unless you were here,” said Peterson.

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