What’s Trending Wednesday: Memorial Day Recipes

There’s no better way to mark the official start of summer than with a delicious recipes for Memorial Day weekend.

Whether you’re hosting the festivities or bringing a dish to pass, for What’s Trending Wednesday we have the perfect holiday weekend recipes.

First, try a patriotic fruit and dessert American flag platter.

  • Fill a bowl with blueberries and place it in the top left hand corner of your platter to replicate the stars on a flag.
  • Grab your juicy red fruits to be the red stripes
  • Chocolate covered pretzels will work for the white stripes.

It’s the perfect dish for the health nut and chocolate lover.

Revisit a cookout classic with a good ole’ fashion burger.

However, this burger does have a unique twist – it’s amped up with a bacon and cheese filling, making it almost guaranteed to be the crowd favorite.

Wash down your meal with this refreshing ginger peach soda.

Kids will love sipping on the sweet refreshing drink and for the adults just add a splash of rum for an added kick.

The cool drink does take almost an hour to make, so be sure to set aside plenty of time. But its cool refreshing taste will be worth every minute of preparation.


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