Two Chippewa County Townships Feuding Over EMS Service Payments

A Chippewa County township now cut off from EMS services and delayed response times could be expected, unless an issue over money gets resolved.

As of Tuesday, Pickford Township announced they will no longer provide EMS service to nearby Raber Township.

Pickford Township Supervisor Tom Ball tells me Raber Township owes them close to $9000 and that it’s been an ongoing issue since around 2014.

“It just came to the point where, I as a supervisor have responsibilities to Pickford township,” Ball, said.

“They’ve never tried to make this past due balance go away or even acknowledge that it exists, so that’s where we are right now,” Ball, added.

Before cutting their services Ball says he offered them a contract in March that would allow Raber to pay back the debt over the next few years, on top of ongoing payments from a millage

It was declined.

“I’ve been trying for a year and a half to get them to show us some good faith and basically ran into road blocks every time,” Ball, said.

Raber Township Supervisor Paul Warner says the cut-off came as a surprise.

“I was really taken back but I guess this is what they want to do,” Warner, said.

Warner says they have made payments.

“The amount seems to change all the time and they say we don’t give them money but we’ve given them, we just gave them a couple thousand, we just sent $300,” Warner, explained.

Pickford Township has recorded those but they say none of those payments have addressed the past-due amount, the crux of this issue.

“They have never paid on the amount that they’ve owed us,” Ball, explained.

Raber Township says they are hosting a meeting Tuesday evening at 7:00 p.m.

They’re inviting both the public and officials from Pickford Township to have a discussion and hopefully reach an agreement that will get ambulances back in Raber.