The Foster Closet of Michigan Provides their Children with More than Necessity

The Foster Closet of Michigan in Wexford-Missaukee is designed for foster kids to get a unique shopping experience.

Most kids enter foster care with little to nothing to leave behind.

The Foster Closet offers books, toiletries as well as clothes. Most necessities people can take for granted.

This closet leaves such an impact and gives these children a sense of self and confidence by getting to pick out new clothes for themselves.

“Sometimes they’ve already lost so much in their life they don’t have their personal belongings, don’t have clothing, so we provide clothing and personal items to them; books, shoes, toys, those kinds of things,” said April Nowland, President of the Foster Closet.

The Foster Closet is located at the First Church of Nazarene in Cadillac.

To learn more about them and how to donate head to their Facebook page.