Dozens of Cadillac Cyclist Participate In Worldwide Ride Of Silence


The serene sight of dozens of bicyclist riding in silence Wednesday in Cadillac.

It was for the worldwide Ride of Silence to honor cyclist who have been killed or injured.

It all started back in 2003 when a cyclist was killed in Dallas, Texas.

This year 300 communities worldwide participated in the Ride of Silence, even as far as India.

Dozens in Cadillac rode around Lake Cadillac in silence at about 10 miles per hour to bring awareness to a serious cause.

“I have been cycling for about six years and it is very important for riders, both cyclist and motorist that we all have responsibilities to be on the road and be safe and to share the road. We have a few people here who are wearing red bands they have been injured in accidents and to honor those who have been killed,” says Christina Vipond, organizer.

30 Michigan communities participated in the ride this evening.

Four cyclists have been killed in Michigan so far this year.