Tech on Tuesday: Apps for Pet Owners

We all love our furry, four-legged friends, and it turns out technology does too!

There’s a plethora of apps out there dedicated to our pets.

In this week’s Tech on Tuesday, we’re taking a look at some of the must-have apps for pet owners.


The ASPCA has a few apps aimed at helping pet owners keep their furry friends safe.

The ASPCA Pet Safety app helps you come up with your pet safety plan for emergencies, natural disasters and extreme weather.

The app is full of helpful tips and has suggestions on how to search for a lost pet after emergencies.

The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center app provides a handy guide to household items, drugs and plants that can be toxic or dangerous for dogs, cats, birds or horses.

The best part? The app includes a one-touch dial to the ASPCA’s poison control hotline.

Walk for a Dog

Give your pup some exercise while raising money for your favorite animal shelter!

Walk for a Dog is an exercise tracking app that records your dog walks and sends a donation to a participating animal shelter of your choice.

The more you walk, the more Walk for a Dog will donate!

Bring Fido

If you have ever tried to bring your dog along on vacation, you probably know how difficult it can be to find pet-friendly places to stop. Bring Fido provides hotels and restaurants that will welcome all of your family.


Let’s face it, our pets aren’t always the most photogenic subjects.

Getting an animal to stay still and look at the camera for a photo can be a challenge.

The PetSnap app has 32 sounds aimed at attracting your pet’s attention, so they will look toward the sound and you will get the perfect picture.

My Talking Pet

This light-hearted app lets you animate a photo of your pet.

Make your pet talk by recording your voice, and add a fun hat or some glasses.

The My Talking Pet app is pure enjoyment for parents and kids alike.

Game for Cats

Did you know they even make apps for your cat? Game for Cats is an app that plays off a cat’s natural instinct to chase small objects.

The free version of game for cats includes a laser dot for your cat to bat at with his or her paw.

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