Grand Traverse Metro Administration Passing Out Free Smoke Alarms

The Grand Traverse Metro Administration unveiled a plan Tuesday to install hundreds of fire alarms across the area.

They’ll be working with Blair Township Fire, Paradise Township Fire, Cedar Area Fire, Peninsula Township Fire and the Traverse City Fire Department to hand out free smoke alarms this weekend.

The fire stations will be out on Saturday from 11 in the morning until 3 passing out smoke alarms.

There have been more than 50 home fire deaths in Michigan since the start of this year, and one of the main causes is a faulty smoke alarm.

The Red Cross has provided the station with 200 smoke alarms and will be sending volunteers out with the firefighters.

“We would like to see everybody in Michigan have a smoke alarm on every level of their house, so if you have a basement, first floor, second floor, three smoke alarms, we would also like to see a smoke alarm in every sleeping area and these smoke alarms are good for 10 years,” says state fire marshal Kevin Sehlmeyer.

If you live in the Grand Traverse Area and want to get a free smoke alarm this weekend, be sure to call your local fire department.

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