Gladwin County Drain Commissioner Facing $11 Billion Civil Lawsuit

“I obviously don’t have enough money to fight the DEQ.”

How much money does the Gladwin County drain commissioner need to satisfy the state?

$11 billion.

A lawsuit’s now seeking that amount, claiming he wasn’t doing his job.

Gladwin County drain commissioner, Robert Evans, is accused of a slew of violations by the attorney general’s office and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Evans is accused of not responding to them. The lawsuit claims Evans violated natural resources and environmental protection act rules, specifically water resource protection and sediment control at seven creek and drain sites in the county starting in 2012.

Now Evans is facing an $11 billion civil lawsuit. “Well to me it doesn’t make much difference if it’s $11 billion or 1,100, I’m not paying it anyways. I guess I’ll be sitting in jail before I come up with $11 billion dollars,” said Evans.

Photos show damage caused by the Nester Drain which is just one of the seven creeks and drains listed in the lawsuit.

“The DEQ doesn’t want me to clean drains and I think they should be cleaned. They can’t be more upset than I am. My job function is to clean and maintain the drains,” said Evans.

The big question comes down to who is going to end up paying the $11 billion bill. Evans says the county will probably end up paying if they don’t file a response in the next few days. He continued to say that he cannot afford the bill and neither can the county.

Now Gladwin County commissioners want Evans recalled and has the support from Senator Jim Stamas. Persons interested in starting a petition against the Drain Commissioner can pick up recall petitions at the Gladwin County Clerk’s Office for consideration before the Elections Commission.

Gladwin Drain Commissioner Lawsuit

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