Economic Impact Study: Michigan Broadcast Industry Created 8,000 Jobs in 2017

A gathering of Michigan broadcasters and legislators in Lansing Tuesday as they revealed the results of a 2017 economic impact study.

The study was conducted by Woods and Poole Economics and focused on how local radio and TV stations are influencing their communities’ economy.

According to the study, Michigan’s broadcast industry created more than 8,000 jobs last year and earned our economy about $1.5 billion in gross domestic product.

It also found that our broadcast industry has a significant positive impact on other industries in the state.

We spoke with the president of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters Karole White, along with state Representative Lee Chatfield about the results of the study.

“The award was presented today by the House of Representatives for all of the community service that broadcasters do throughout the state. It was wonderful to have them present us with such a tribute,” said White.

Rep. Chatfield said, “I take even more pride being born and raised in Northern Michigan and having the opportunity to present that award, because I know broadcasters from Northern Michigan played a significant role in securing this for the Michigan association. I couldn’t be more proud of our up north broadcasters and the services and investments they provide to our local communities.”

Tuesday is also the 70th anniversary of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters.

The MAB covers 41 television stations and 333 radio stations throughout the state.