Bulldog Cinema in Big Rapids Gives Big Screen Experience on a Budget

Who doesn’t love going to the movies?

And at a cheaper rate?!

That’s the goal at a new theatre in Big Rapids!

Bulldog Cinema is an independently owned theatre ready to give you the big screen experience on a budget.

Everyone s favorite part about the movies is the buttery popcorn that awaits your arrival.

“We have cheaper concession prices than most places and our ticket prices are as cheap as we could get our broker to make them,” Jason Smith, Owner.

Cheaper prices, to make the movie going experience one everyone can enjoy.

“We did our prices as low as we were able to because we based our prices off of other theatres in the area so we felt like a lower ticket prices make it so you can go to the theatre more often,” says Smith.

“I think our theatre brings something new to the big rapids community because we are all new. Brand new seats, smells good in there, great environment, and we’re locally owned and operated so you can’t go wrong,” says Smith.

There are two theatres inside Bulldog Cinema’s with a total of 130 seats.

“Our theatre is independent owned so we have a lot of flexibility of what shows are on the screens everything from a run to order movies, classics, and we do kids nights,” Kylie Szpiech, Co-owner.

The perfect spot for friends and families to enjoy an affordable night out.

“It’s something we really put our work and our heart into building,” Szpiech says.

For more information on show times and this theatre head to our website at nine and ten news dot com.


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