Partnership Bringing New Toddler, Infant Care Center to Traverse City

“Felt lost, maybe a sense of hopelessness that is there even going to be a place how am I going to do it.”

It’s a feeling all too common for families trying to find childcare in northwest Michigan.

We have been telling you about the infant and toddler care shortage for months.

Many organizations have been stepping up to do what they can to help those struggling families find childcare.

Because of a partnership with Old Mission Peninsula School and Angel Care in Traverse City, there will soon be a new home for a toddler and infant care center.

“When you take those phone calls for families who are really looking, it’s hard to say no that you don’t have space,” Karin Cooney, executive director of Angel Care said.

Heather Hess was on the receiving end of that phone call when she quit her job after having her first child.

“It was going to be too expensive and I wasn’t sure where I could even send him because any place that I called had a months long waiting list or they wouldn’t even put me on the waiting list,” Hess said.

It’s a struggle all too common for families.

Studies show that four out of 10 infants and toddlers in northwest Michigan go without licensed care.

“We’ve recognized over time there really hasn’t ever been enough infant and toddler spaces in the community and we wanted to change that,” Cooney said.

Angel Care is now partnering with Old Mission Peninsula School to not only maintain a preschool for 20 kids, but open up 16 more infant and toddler spots.

Expanding their mission to provide quality services at an affordable price.

“We had an opportunity where the building costs were not going to be terribly high and so we could invest the cost savings into our teachers, still keep our costs as low as possible, and create more spaces for infants and toddlers, as well as a really high quality classroom for preschoolers,” Cooney said.

There are still spots open, so if you have been struggling with this problem, you can call Angel Care as early as Tuesday morning to get information on how to enroll.