Cadillac Woman Charged with Attempted Murder

A Cadillac woman is now charged with two counts of attempted murder after a weekend stabbing in Cadillac.

Police say Miranda Turpin stabbed two people at the Economy Inn in Cadillac Saturday morning.

They arrested her a short time later.

The Wexford County prosecutor tells us one of the victims is Turpin’s husband.

She now faces up to life in prison.

Miranda Turpin said little as a judge formally charged her with two counts of attempted murder Monday morning. Police say the pregnant mother of four stabbed her husband and another woman Saturday morning at the Economy Inn in Cadillac.

“After conducting an investigation they were able to locate the suspect and arrest her without any incident on the west side of Wexford County,” said Jason Elmore, Wexford County Prosecutor.

We spoke to one woman who’s staying at the motel who didn’t want to go on camera, but says she saw both victims and Turpin just moments after the stabbing.

“It was really, really, scary. She came out, she was just covered in blood, then she turned around, she went back in and she stabbed her husband,” said the woman.

She says both victims had multiple stab wounds and Turpin showed little emotion after the stabbing.

“Kind of emotionless, she was kind of blank, she came here to do something, and she did, and they had to chase her down to catch her and she was just blood.

“I hope they are both okay, and I hope they are alright, and I have empathy for the one that stabbed and hope she’s okay, I don’t wish any harm on anyone,” said the woman.

Turpin is being held on a $500,000 bond and was also ordered to have no contact with the victims.

The family tells us her husband is out of the hospital.

Police say the other victim is that she’s in serious but stable condition.

Turpin’s children are staying with other family members.

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