Getting Morel Mushroom Hunting Tips and Tricks in Antrim County

It’s that time of the year again: peak season for morel mushrooms.

It has many Michiganders out in the woods trying to harvest the sometimes elusive ‘shroom.

Sunday at the Grass River Natural Area in Antrim County, some got to learn the tips and tricks to finding morels and were brought on a guided hunt.

“I hope we find some this morning, it should be a good year, i’m predicting a good year,” Naturalist Arlene Westhoven said.

The conditions should blossom a bountiful morel mushroom season.

But it’s important you know where and what to look for.

“We are looking for something like this it’s not quite as yellow, but it is a pitted mushroom,” she said.

Arlene has been on the lookout for morels for more than four decades.

“Of course up here in Northern Michigan if you have the right place, which no one will tell you, we find quite a few, so it’s a great activity,” Arlene joked.

She says the dryer the spot the better.

Including under logs that have fallen down and areas that have may burned, all provide good ground for fungi.

“Mushrooms live on dead material,” she explained.

It’s the hunt that keeps Michiganders coming back every spring and wanting to learn more about morels.

But whether big or small, all mushrooms hunters have the same goal.

“Of course the food, eating them is the prize, if you find them,” Arlene added.

Arlene says you likely have until the end of the month to find a perfect morel.