Hundreds of Kids Go Home with a New Helmet Thanks to Lids For Kids

As kids hop on their bikes this spring, the community is coming together to make sure those kids understand the importance of proper equipment and safety.

Today was the third annual Lids for Kids event in Traverse City.

Children and their parents lined up to get a brand new bike helmet for free.

Volunteers spent the day fitting kids, to make sure they have proper fitting gear.

Organizers say they want to prevent traumatic brain injuries from happening as frequently as they do.

They hope the fun event makes kids more eager to wear their helmets.

“When kids get their bike helmets they think I had a great time getting this, maybe I won something and so when they look at that helmet the rest of summer, they don’t think of it as something their parents are making them do, they think about it as something they had fun getting and when they were here they saw hundreds of their friends also getting helmets,” said Tom Sinas, whose law firm organizes the statewide events.

About 500 kids were sent home with brand-new, fitted helmets.