Northern Michigan Sobriety Court Continues Minus One County

“The program is beneficial for the participants and the community.”

Once at risk, Northern Michigan Sobriety Court is here to stay minus one county.

The six-county program started in 2014, mainly helping repeat drunk drivers get back on track.

But Crawford County dropped out, with the judge citing upcoming regulation changes.

Now, Wexford, Missaukee, Ogemaw, Roscommon, and Kalkaska counties will continue the program.

The court takes session every other Tuesday and is completely voluntary.

Wexford County judge Audrey Van Alst says the sobriety court plays an important role.

“When I talk to the participants when they are done, when they graduate, they are so thankful. They are so thankful for the chance to gain sobriety and for the chance to participate in a program where the process is treatment and the result is sobriety,” Van Alst said.

She also says Wexford County’s sobriety court hopes to add a drug court in the future.