Morley-Stanwood Foreign Exchange Student Becomes Certified Firefighter

An exchange student from Germany, attending classes at Morely-Stanwood High School and the Mecosta-Osceola Career Center, heads home soon with an impressive accomplishment under his belt.

Samuel Krakau came to Morely-Stanwood High School from Germany as an exchange student in August, and all he’s ever wanted to do is be a firefighter.

“The difference in Germany is you can start the fire department, with a so called youth fire department at 12 and an organization starts with 10. I’m close to my certification in Germany,” said Krakau.

And it just so happens Samuel was able to start taking classes to continue firefighter training at the Mecosta-Osceola Career Center.

“Sam’s probably my more excited students every day. Every day he comes in wants to know what we’re doing next, what are we learning today,” said Mike Harvell, Firefighting & EMS Instructor.

He’ll now leave, a certified firefighter in the United States, and was even recognized as an honorary member of Morley Area Fire and Rescue.

“American firefighters have just this charisma, and we are guys, and the big guys kicking down door,s and of course the cool engines with the sirens,” said Krakau.

It’s a boyhood dream realized, half a world away.

“It’s just like a giant brotherhood around the world. They’re always here for us when we need them, if it’s for training, or if a house burns down, they are here to help you. I didn’t think it would end like this, and I’m very thankful for that I had the chance to be here,” said Krakau.

Samuel plans to continue firefighter training when he returns to Germany.