Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists Challenges Father Marquette Historical Markers

Two historical markers for Father Marquette in Northern Michigan now coming into question more than 50 years after its designation.

The Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists (MACRA) is challenging the state on its two historical markers for Father Marquette.

One in Frankfort, and another in Pere Marquette Township.

The spot where Father Marquette passed away has been controversial at times.

But in the 60s, Michigan’s history center put a historical marker in Pere Marquette Township and in Frankfort.

Now, activists are challenging those markers, saying there is no evidence that proves Father Marquette died there.

The group is the same that wanted the Father Marquette cross in Pere Marquette Township to be removed.

The group says the state has said they planned on looking into these markers in the past.

“Interestingly enough is they had already passed a motion to look into these two markers, both Frankfort and Ludington back in 2011 and that motion passed unanimously and they have just never taken any action on it,” MACRA co-founder, Mitch Kahle said.

The state’s historical commission will consider picking the issue up on June 13.