Wellness for the Family: Homemade Spa Ideas For Mom

Mom’s big day to feel special and loved is coming up—but figuring out the perfect gift can leave you stumped.

Registered Dietitian Grace Derocha, with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, has some natural, do-it-yourself options to try this Mother’s Day.

“Moms are always stressed out, so why not give them their own little spa day at home,” Derocha says.

Coconut oil body scrub

Try making a coconut oil and brown sugar body scrub where you can add your own essential oils for a fun, personalized mix. Derocha decided to add vanilla to hers.

“Super easy to make,” Derocha says. “I recommend having something that seals so that you can keep it in your shower or bathtub.”

Recipe here.

Moisturizing face mask

Or try making a facemask out of yogurt, avocado and honey.

It contains vitamin c and e, which Derocha says are great for the skin.

“When an avocado is going a little bit too ripe this is a good time for you to use it for a mask instead of your guacamole,” Derocha says.

This face mask does need to be kept refrigerated because of the Greek yogurt,

“Its super easy to make and a great way to enjoy mom, enjoy home and give her a nice peaceful day,” Derocha says.

Recipe here.

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