William Minore Released From Jail On Bond

New developments in what started as a Northern Michigan bank robbery investigation in 2015.

William Minore has been released from jail.

In 2016 Minore was arrested, accused of robbing one bank in Leelanau County and two banks in Benzie County.

William Minore

Last month, Minore’s Leelanau County case was turned over to the FBI after they found key evidence connecting him to the crimes, including a World War II-era grenade they say resembles one used in a robbery.

But in a preliminary hearing in federal court, the judge decided to dismiss the charges “without prejudice.” That means they can be brought to court again.

After Minore’s federal charges were dropped, he was charged in Grand Traverse County with two felony weapons charges.

Grand Traverse County Prosecutor Bob Cooney had requested a significate bond be set for Minore last month.

“I view Mr. Minore as a serious risk to public safety,” said Cooney. “The court, in our case, is able to take into account other behavior, even non-convicted behavior, in setting appropriate bond; and so our office did request that a significant bond be set.”

During his arraignment, his bond was originally set at $100,000.

At a preliminary hearing Wednesday in Grand Traverse County, Minore was released on a personal recognizance bond.

A personal recognizance bond often means the judge did not see the accused as a threat to the community.

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