Mackinac County Road Commission Secures $1 Million For Road Projects

The Mackinac County Road Commission is gearing for some spring road work, and they just secured around a $1 million to help do so.

The road commission working with the local townships and the county were able to match additional funding from Lansing, allowing them to make some more permanent fixes to the roads.

“This resulted in a million dollars that we weren’t expecting,” Mackinac County Road Commission Commissioner Tom Doty, said.

Doty says this all started when Governor Snyder signed off on additional road funding earlier this year.

That landed Mackinac County $240,000 in new money.

“Once we realized what our share of the $175 million that the governor signed was going to be, we approached some of the townships,” Doty, added.

The road commission came together with the 11 townships and then the county board, securing additional matching funds and bringing the sum of new money to seven figures.

“We know how to take that money and compound it, so we effectively turned 240,000 dollars to a million dollars for road projects, and did that locally,” Commissioner Lester Livermore, said.

Money to fix roads like St. Ignace Road in Marquette Township, which many people say is the worst road in the entire county. There’s a couple inches of dirt and gravel in the roadway not to mention it’s covered in huge rocks, and even has a bit of a drainage issue.

“Drainage corrections, lifting roads that typically break up in spring, improvements that will be longstanding,” Lester, explained.

Locals say the roads need all the help they can get.

“Our town needs it, our roads really need it. We really need it here, like our roads are really bad, like the potholes are really bad,” Sarah St. Andrew, said.

It’s up to the township to decide how they want to use the money but many of these projects could begin taking place as early as next week.