Wexford County Clerk Prepares for Election Day

Tuesday is an election day, so county clerks across Northern Michigan are prepping for a busy day.

They are also getting ready to make sure everything runs smoothly once the polls open.

For clerks, security and privacy is very important on Election Day.

The Wexford County clerk sets up each of their voting precincts with card board privacy shields.

They also use electronic voting systems that aren’t hooked up to the internet or computers, to avoid being hacked.

Voter fraud is also a concern nationwide, it’s why Wexford County says they always asks for identification.

“Any of the voters that come in to vote and they are always asked for an ID, if they have a driver’s license or Michigan ID. If they don’t have either of those they are able to turn over the back of the affidavit and put their reason why they don’t have it,” Wexford County clerk Elaine Richardson said.

Richardson says they expect lots of voters Tuesday with a Cadillac Schools millage request on the ballot, and are doing everything they can to make sure it goes smoothly.