TC Trivia: Local Wineries, Traverse City Uncorked

It’s Michigan Wine Month!

Our very own Traverse Wine Coast is celebrating big for all 31 days of May with an ongoing event called “Traverse City Uncorked.”

It’s a month-long celebration of lodging discounts, complimentary wine tastings and a lot of clinking glasses.

Jenny Jenness, from Traverse City Tourism, is here with another round of trivia to make sure were prepared for all the vino.

Throughout the Traverse Wine Coast, what winery was founded by a priest and a nun who fell in love and started their winemaking business?

A. Black Star Farms

B. Chateau Chantal.

C. Shady Lane Cellars

Answer: B, Chateau Chantal

Their daughter, Marie Chantal, is now president and owner of the castle-like winery on Old Mission.

Which winery on Old Mission Peninsula was started by a televised treasure hunter on the History Channel?

A. Mari Vineyards

B. Chateau Grand Traverse

C. Bowers Harbor Vineyards

Answer: A, Mari Vineyards

Marty Lagina is known for hunting treasure on Oak Island, and you’ll see that adventurous spirit throughout the winery, too.

Alignment with the summer solstice, buried secrets in the wine caves and more make it a fun place to tour.

Which winery in the Traverse Wine Coast doesn’t actually own an individual vineyard?

A. Bonobo Winery

B. Verterra Winery

C. Left Foot Charley Urban Winery.

Answer: C, Left Foot Charley Urban Winery

Left Foot Charley has teamed up with 18 of Northern Michigan’s best growers to produce wines that display the range of aroma and flavor found throughout the region.

Lake effect, soil composition, vineyard aspect and grower mentality shape these flavors individually, so their goal is to bring the growers work to the bottle.

You can experience the taste of local wine yourself this May with discounted lodging rates, complimentary tastings and downtown savings through Traverse City Uncorked.

The event is taking place all month long, and when you stay overnight in a participating property, you’re getting three complimentary tastings at the wineries.

There’s another fun part of Traverse City Uncorked taking place on Saturdays, and that’s free, tethered hot air balloon rides at select wineries.

For more details, head to Traverse City Tourism’s website here.

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