Falling Waters Lodge Passed Down The Generations

“My entire life as a kid here in Leland was about Falling Waters Lodge,” explained Cooper Heston.

Cooper’s grandfather was the proud owner of Falling Waters Lodge for 19 years.

Little Cooper gave his role model a helping hand every summer.

“My first job was to fill the soda machine, that was it, that was all he expected me to do as of high school,” said said Cooper.

Little did he know, his first job would turn into his forever job.

His grandpa called Cooper and Cooper’s wife, Emily, asking them to take over the family business.

A dream come true.

“We packed up a U-Haul of stuff and drove a 24-hour drive,” said Cooper.

Since he and Emily bought the beautiful lodge last March, they’ve made a few changes.

“We ripped out the carpet because no beach waterfront property should ever have carpet,” she said.

Out with the old, in with the new.

They repainted the walls, added new furniture, and hung more modern art.

If they couldn’t buy the items to help complete their look — they made it.

“We took out all the lamps, every single lamp that was throughout the lodge and made our own lamps because we couldn’t find any lamps that fit Falling Waters Lodge enough,” said Cooper.

The decor, drawing inspiration from the beautiful water surrounding us.

“On really beautiful days Lake Michigan turns that super beautiful royal blue and then that really vibrant turquoise, then that pea green that wouldn’t be pretty anywhere else,” explained Emily.

But the looks aren’t what keeps families returning year after years the memories they created.

“Even when it hadn’t been renovated at all, there we still guests coming every single year happily,” they agreed.

The Hestons say not only do they come back each year, but they stay in the same room each year.

Each of the 21 rooms available is slightly different.

“The fact that other people can feel ownership over their room is awesome,” said Cooper.

When playtime outside during the day is over, the Hestons say one of their favorite parts is coming back here to fall asleep to the sweet serenity of the dam in the backyard

“I think being at Falling Waters Lodge is one of the greatest experiences anyone can have,” explained Cooper.

And as his grandfather can also attest….

“I think the only next best thing is owning Falling Waters Lodge,” he said with a smile on his face.

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