Baldwin Now Home To World’s Largest Brown Trout Sculpture

It’s 25 feet tall and now right in the middle of the village of Baldwin.

Northern Michigan is known for a lot of things and after Sunday, something else was added to that list.

An artist from St. Johns installed the world’s largest brown trout sculpture.

“It started out by trying to develop ideas that fit within our plan to bring more tourism to Baldwin,” said chair of the Downtown Development Authority, Jane Allison.

The DDA got the idea to try to set a world record.

“They were looking for specifically the world’s largest brown trout so I had to start digging around to try and find where there was other large brown trout sculptures,” said arist Ivan Iler.

That’s when he discovered the biggest in New Zealand, at 20 feet and he got to work over a year ago.

“Wll the tubing that makes up the framework, that all had to be bent by hand just because of the angles,” said Iler. “A lot of it was rolled in a tubing roller but most of it had to be physically bent by hand.”

The Baldwin community gathered on Sunday to see it become a reality.

“The fact that everybody here really loves this and they’re really excited about it and they’re going to be doing all this landscaping and putting all this into it,” said Iler. “It’s the passion about it, it’s the excitement about it, it makes it more than worth it.”

It was all possible because of the DDA, private donations and grants.

“Everybody likes to see the greatest, largest, biggest items and so why wouldn’t you want to turn the corner and stop and see the world’s largest brown trout sculpture and then stop and eat and shop and look at the other sites that this little community has to offer,” said Allison.

“People around here are amazing and you can tell that this really means something to them and that means a lot to me,” said Iler.

They will now be submitting the sculpture to the Guinness Book of World Records.