Flash Foods Put Many Emmet County Roads Underwater

Friday’s heavy rain caused damage to roads across Charlevoix County and made a mess of the roads next door in Emmet County.

For much of the day US-31 in Bay View looked more like a Michael Bay movie.

That part of the road was underwater for most of the day.

“That stuffs bad, traffic was just crazy man,” Mai Osawamick, said.

Mai Osawamick owns Fade Did Grooming Lounge, a barbershop that is right on the same strip of highway.

‘I had a sign out front, I don’t have it here right now, it washed away about a block down the road, I had to have a homeboy pick it up,” Mai, added.

He said the roadway was covered in water within minutes and it even flooded up to his front door.

“I was here at ten o’clock this morning because I had a lot to do around the shop, it wasn’t even that bad. I stepped outside briefly, it looked fine, the water was in the road still, then ten minutes later that was already up to the building,” Mai, said.

“This is about the second time this has happened in the last couple years,” Jim LaVictor, said.

Jim LaVictor was watching the cars try to traverse this mess, he said this area is typically bad when the heavy rain comes.

“It can only handle so much water, when you get two inches of rain it backs up on the golf course on that strip over there comes over on the low spot. They need to build a dam over here,” Jim, explained.

He didn’t go out driving today…but came up with a more creative way to get around.

“I live the second street back and I was kayaking across the road from my house to the bike path,” Jim, added.

Since then, the water has gone down, but drivers should still think twice about crossing any standing water.