Grand Traverse County Health Department, Tips For Mosquito And Tick Season

These warmer temperatures mean spending more time outside but that also means the start of mosquito and tick season.

The CDC is warning people about a spike in bug borne illnesses.

Since 2004, infections from these bugs have more than tripled and at least nine diseases have been reported for the first time in the United States.

The 16 diseases tracked by the CDC include ones you can get here in Northern Michigan, like Lyme disease.

We spoke to the Grand Traverse County Health Department about ways to prevent exposing yourself to these bugs.

“Try to avoid areas where mosquitos or ticks are prevalent,” said environmental health director Dan Thorell “Ticks that carry Lyme disease are prevalent in our area even more so along, say for instance, the national lake shores, Sleeping Bear Dunes area.”

And if you do go to these areas, they recommend wearing long sleeves and pants and insect repellent with deet in it.

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