Traverse City Treasures: Baseball Cap, Bridal Mugs, Olive Oil

Wandering Front Street in Traverse City can be a fun way to discover small businesses and find stuff we need–or think we need.

Traverse City Tourism’s Jenny Jenness found some items she had to take home, and she shares her finds with us.

Including mugs designed by local artist Heather Spooner, who will also be creating her beauties live on May 4 at the downtown Traverse City Art Walk.

The mugs were discovered at the bridal shop One Oak Bride, full of gowns, headpieces and more.

Daisy Jane is a clothing store in Traverse City that happened to have a baseball cap Jenness wanted.

It says “TVC” on the front, which stands for Traverse City.

And at Fustini’s Oils and Vinegars, Jenness found leek olive oil and the Sicilian lemon balsamic vinegar.

But perhaps the best way to find stuff you like is to go explore Front Street yourself!

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