President’s Promise to Fix the Soo Locks Resonates With Sault Residents

“After spending all that money in the Middle East, can you imagine? And we can’t fix a lock… we’ll get it fixed,” said President Trump.

The president promising federal action to help rebuild the Soo Locks during his rally in Macomb County over the weekend.

The president said he was going to immediately look into what needs to be done to fix the aging infrastructure.

The comments have put Sault Ste. Marie in the national spotlight and its creating quite a buzz among people that live in this area.

“Agree or disagree with him it’s very, very cool to hear an official mention the town and the area,” Ben Deatrick, said.

Ben Deatrick has lived in the Soo for quite a while, one thing that hasn’t changed much in that time, are the locks.

“Your lock isn’t working too well, it’s not working too well, it hasn’t been fixed in 50 years, in all fairness,” Ben, added.

Those comments resonate with people like Ben.

“I say great, fantastic, we certainly need a new lock and it could be a great benefactor to our city.  A lot of those ships just to have to wait you know at the pier for two to three hours, sometimes all day, they really could use the new lock,” Ben said.

“As far as his comments about the locks, they are right on,” Larry Besaw, said.

Larry and Janet Besaw may not agree with a lot of what the president says but can agree with his comments about the locks.

“Not just for this area but the country in general, without the locks the shipping stops that tons and tons of shipping so it would be foolish not to,” Janet, said.

“It was interesting to hear him say it, considering years ago supposedly they approved the upgrade of the locks so congress had no funding for it so they basically said yea go ahead do it,” Janet, added.

That was in 1986.

Today in Lansing, Governor Snyder announced that Lt. Governor Brian Calley is expected to work alongside the White House as they figure out the next steps to rebuild.