Kaleva Softball Tournament Put On To Raise Money For Shooting Victim’s Recovery

Twenty-eight softball teams came together to compete in a tournament in Kaleva this weekend.

And it was all for a very special cause.

The tournament was held to raise money for Amedy Dewey.

Police say back in January, Amedy’s step-father, David Somers, pulled over on I-96 and shot Amedy’s mother, Lisa, to death.

Police say he then shot Amedy, severely hurting her.

They say Somers then ended his own life.

Amedy’s family was from Kaleva and Sunday, the softball community there came together to support her.

“She’s our little sister,” says James Theodore, organizer and family friend.

Amedy Dewey has been recovering for months since the shooting.

And several Northern Michigan communities continue to offer their support.

“I made the tournament up back in February, and as soon as I made it, it filled up within a week. There are 28 teams. We’re here just raising money. We did a silent auction yesterday, ball games all weekend, concessions, we had bake sales,” says Theodore.

Teams paid $150 to get into the tournament.

Friends tell us the family was a big part of the softball community.

“All of this, everything you see here, the score board, putting all of these leagues together, the tournaments that they have done, and not only stuff that they do out here, but they also supported other tournaments in the area,” says Terry Hawk, a family friend.

Organizers tell us they raised more than $5,000 throughout the weekend for Amedy’s recovery, and still counting.

“That’s what all of us do in the softball community anytime there is a tragedy, or some kind of event for something. We all usually pull together and this is an amazing turn out we had. Every one of us will give the shirt off our back, Lisa, Dave, Amedy, they would all do the same thing. That’s just the softball family.

Friends of the family tell us Amedy is still in and out of the hospital, but got to go to her high school prom on Saturday night.

“Amedy, keep plugging away girl, keep fighting, we all love you and we are all here for you,” says Hawk.