UPDATE: Names Released in Deadly Kalkaska Co Plane Crash

Two people are dead after a plane crashed in Kalkaska County on Friday.

The sheriff tells us they got a call that a red, single engine air plane went down around 2:15.

Thomas and Mary Wolfe, from Indiana, the only two on board, were killed.

The plane crashed near U.S.131 and Vroom Road.

“We were just in the house, in the office here, and all of a sudden we heard a noise and we were not sure what it was, either a big clunk noise, backfiring or something and Dylan was standing at the door and he opened it up and looked out and said an airplane crashed next door,” says Polly Piltz.

Polly Piltz lives next door to where the plane crashed. She immediately called 911.

“There was a little bit of smoke. There was a man and woman in there because our guy that works for us, and our son Mike went over there and they were trying to see what they can do,” says Piltz.

The Kalkaska County Sheriff tells us Thomas Wolfe and Mary Wolfe from Indiana were found dead inside.

They tell us Thomas was flying the plane.

The FAA showed up on scene to start investigating how the crash might have happened.

“Looking at today and the weather, I don’t even understand, I don’t know anything about aviation, but gorgeous day and no big wind gusts,” says Belinda Mercado, lives near crash.

The sheriff tells says they’re working to find out where the plane was coming from and going to.

And everyone on the ground is thankful more people weren’t hurt.

“Wow that could have hit our house, but it didn’t thank God, and we just pray for the people and their family that did get in the accident,” says Piltz.

Mercado added, “it’s very sad. It’s kind of shocking to hear that someone lost their life, of course prayers go out to the family and everyone involved just wow, wow.”