Marion School Board Meeting: Motion Seeking Resignation of Superintendent, Secretary Fail

Digging through files, contracts and emails have all lead to today.

The Marion school board has just wrapped up an emergency board meeting.

9&10 News has been bringing you every new development on this story since the state told Marion school superintendent and a secretary to pay back almost $150,000.

The state says Mort Meier and Diana Salisbury double dipped, collecting from their pensions and getting paid by the school district.

The state says Mort Meier hired himself as principal and authorized his own payment.

Salisbury is also accused of retiring, but then going back to work without a bona fide termination.

She must pay back almost $70,000.

Meier must pay back close to $80,000.

The big news out of the meeting was a motion by two board members to seek the resignation of Meier and Salisbury and place them on unpaid administrative leave.

Both of those motions failed.

The meeting, at times, did get heated as the public voiced their support and, at times, displeasure with the board and the investigation.

The timing of the meeting was also brought into question, early in the morning.

The board president explained that by saying this time was the most convenient for them.

There was a lot of back and forth between the board, the attorney and the public during this.

A majority of the members on the board said they wanted to keep Salisbury and Meier on, because their contracts save the district money and also there was concern over finding and hiring their replacement.

The question that many are asking is: what’s next for the two after being caught by the state of double dipping?

We’ll bring you reaction from the community on Friday’s emergency school board meeting on 9&10 News at 5&6.