Traverse City Rotary Club Performing Annual Show at State Theatre

The Rotary Club is celebrating 76 years of bringing entertainment to Traverse City.

Wednesday was the premiere of the club’s annual rotary show.

The show features everything from comedy skits to a string quartet.

It also includes “The News at 9ish,” a fun parody of local news!

All of the proceeds from the show will go to the good works fund, which grants money to local organizations that help out the community.

Last year they gave away more than $50,000 through the Good Works fund.

“It’s a great show and you’ll be missing something if you don’t come and see it. We’ve been doing this for 76 years and you’ll get to see a lot of people you know up on that stage either being really good at what they do or making you laugh really hard at what they do so come on down and see the show,” says show director Mark Eckhoff.

The show runs through Saturday night.

To buy a ticket to the rotary show, click here.