Munson Home Workout: Step Jacks, Woodchoppers

Getting started working out can be a little intimidating.

Ben Watson, exercise specialist at the Munson Healthy Weight Center, provides a little extra help each week with beginner exercise demonstrations that can be done from the comfort of home.

This week Watson shows us some cardio exercises.

All that’s needed to perform these exercises is a chair and some weights, if you’re up for a little extra challenge.

“That’s the important thing, we just want to promote movement,” Watson says.

Step Jacks

Just like jumping jacks, but without the jumping.

Step one leg out and raise arms over the head at the same time.

Step back in.

  • Repeat 15 times for each leg.

Wood Choppers

Begin in a forward-facing, neutral position.

Reach arms up while twisting chest to the right, and shifting weight to the right foot.

Reach arms down, hinging at the hips and twisting chest to the left while shifting weight into left foot.

Repeat on opposite side.

Brace core throughout the entire movement.

Optional: hold a weight.

Repeat for each side.

  • Complete two sets
  • Perform 15 Times a Day

String together Munson’s home workouts in any combination for more variety!

Beginner home workouts:


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