Cadillac’s ‘Project Sticker Shock’ Aims to Discourage Underage Drinking

“A night of drinking or a night of fun is not worth risking your future over.”

With prom season and graduation on its way, Cadillac police are taking big steps to stop underage drinking

The department teamed up with the mayor’s youth council for this year’s Project Sticker Shock.

It aims to stop people from buying alcohol for minors.

The project strategically targets dates before prom and graduation.

So stores like G&D, Family Fare and Rite Aid will have stickers posted on the coolers that store alcohol.

We talked with Cadillac police officer Jeff Rork on how this project is not just a police department effort.

“Our program is more than just a police effort, it is a community effort. So getting the mayor’s youth council involved and getting all this participation from all these vendors that sell alcohol it is huge.  It is so good to see that everyone shares the same common goal of trying to keep these kids safe and keep them out of trouble,” Rork said.

Stickers will be up in all participating stores by Thursday.