Pere Marquette Township Authorizes Sale Of Pere Marquette Memorial Land

A giant cross was sold despite a second offer in at the last minute.

The Pere Marquette Township board of trustees authorized a sale of the Pere Marquette memorial land.

The site has been there for more than 50 years and honors a French missionary and explorer.

But it created controversy as a religious symbol on public land, and the township decided to sell the property.

The Pere Marquette Memorial Association, made up of those who live in the area, offered to buy the land.

The township says it was worth $800 and the association offered that.

But Tuesday the Freedom from Religion Foundation offered to purchase it for $2,000.

However, the township voted to sell the land to the Pere Marquette Memorial Association.

“It was better because it was a concrete offer. It was better to show what will happen to the property and how they would maintain it. There was details, the other offer was just, we will give it to you for $2000,” says Ed White, Lawyer for the township.

The Pere Marquette Memorial Association will be forming a board to talk about plans for the site.